Variety Pack B


This variety pack contains 4 x 1/4 oz of some of our staff favourites equaling 1 oz!

Scoutmaster: Ready to energize? This Sativa dominant hybrid is known for many things. From its amazing aroma, tight – trichrome covered buds, and citrus flavour, this born in B.C. bud is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and the amazing Master Kush and is exactly what you need to stay motivated throughout your day. Its high THC content and elevating effects will ensure you are more than satisfied that you chose this. This is an absolute must-try for Sativa lovers!

Fruity Pebbles: Fruity Pebbles gives a strong yet clearheaded high that may energize and allows focus. Named because of it’s similarities to the cereal brand, Fruity Pebbles smells similar to mixed berries and tastes incredible. The pictures of the pebbles speak for themselves.

Rockstar: Indica-dominant hybrid that is great for headaches, pain and sleep deprivation. With a mix of fruity/spicy flavour, this is a strain you will love to relax with!

Cherry Bomb: Great for wake and bake! This Sativa heavy hybrid will keep you alert and awake throughout your day, without the added anxiety from some pure Sativas. The fruity aroma and predominant red hairs are the first things you will notice when you open your bag. Customers have stated that this strain will leave you happy and uplifted. This strain a staff favourite!

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