Variety Pack A


This variety pack contains 4 x 1/4 oz of some of our staff favourites equaling 1 oz!

Fruit Punch: Looking for high end? you found it. This unique strain boasts top notch looks, smell, and taste. Is it possible to have a tranquil and soothing experience without having your energy zapped? Yes it is! This sativa dominant hybrid is also a great choice for those who experience any level of paranoia while smoking.

Violator Kush: As strong as it sounds with one of the highest THC content available. Unbelievable odour, and a taste reminiscent of exotic fruit. Strong euphoria and relaxation make this strain an all-around favourite.

Nuken: Nothing else smells like these large frosty buds, very fresh and piney. People feel cheerful carefree and giggly when enjoying the smooth smoke of this rare hybrid strain. With a prominent body, stone pain will be only a memory.

King Tut: A sativa heavy product that is great for social gatherings and sharing with friends. A skunky odor with a very pleasant taste will leave you happy you made this uplifting choice.

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